5 best sex
positions of all time

By Tuva Novar

Having sex is one of the hallmarks of a relationship. When the sex is great, you know that a lot of other things in the relationship will be fine. However, a lot of people who have been in relationships tend to find themselves doing the same thing.

Monotony is really bad for a relationship, and you need to do some research on how you could spice things up.

So, we did the job for you. Here are 5 of the best sex positions you could try to transform your relationship with your spouse.

Där vill jag påpeka att detta i sig inte måste vara problematiskt, då en särskild teknik kan vara precis det som krävs för att just du ska få orgasm. men därifrån kan man sedan utveckla vägarna till orgasm, så att de inte bara ska begränsas till en viss metod.


The Coital Alignment Technique (CAT)

The CAT is actually quite similar to the popular missionary. The only difference is that here, your body is positioned further up and leaning on one side. So, instead of facing each other chest to chest, his chest is a bit close to your shoulders. For better penetration, you could ben your legs a bit or tilt your hips up. This way, the base of his shaft can maintain continuous contact with your G spot, and orgasms can be maximized.

You could also try to straighten your legs. As you push up, he pushes his pelvis down, thus strengthening your orgasms. Another tip will be to have h rock forward, instead of thrusting his pelvis up an own. This way, he can stimulate your clitoris more, leading to continuous orgasms. 

The most significant benefit of this is that you get a lot of stimulation for your clitoris. According to a study in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, a lot of women who weren't able to get orgasms in the missionary position were able to increase their orgasm frequency by about 60 percent through coital alignment. In some cases, the CAT could increase the chances of having and orgasms by up to 73 percent.

One Up

One up has quite a lot of names. It could be called The Hamstring Stretch or Over Your Shoulder. Apart from the fact that it looks like something out of the Kama sutra, this is one of the best sex positions out there.

In this technique, your man kneels on the floor, while you lie on the edge of the bed. You raise one of your legs, then you can wrap your hands around your hamstring to support it. With one hip raise, you will be able to move and help him as he strokes, thus making it easier for him to get your perfect spot.

The benefit of this position is purely base on stimulation. If you love oral sex, then this is perhaps the best position for you both. You could wriggle a little as well, so he gets the rhythm right.

The Cowgirl

We all know this classic position. It might have been around for a long time, but it remains evergreen for sure. Also known as Woman on Top, this position has been widely regarded as one of the best because it allows for several interesting sensations and sights. Also, if you're the type of woman who loves to be in control, this position helps you to dictate both the depth and pace of penetration.

You can alternate between deep and shallow thrusts as you wish, but keep in mind that while deep penetration is always a great first choice, shallow penetration will stimulate the front area of your vagina

Also, you could try to lie own chest to chest, with you stretching your legs out over his. Brace your feet over his feet, then push off to be able to create a rocking motion that will rub your vulva and clitoral area against your pubic bone. This maximizes pleasure a great deal. 

Moving on, you will also find that reaching an orgasm will be much easier if he stimulates you both orally and annually until you get sexually aroused. From the default cowgirl position, you could change positions and squat over his face, so he orally stimulate you as well.

All in all, this position is great for two reasons; it allows you to be in control, while also providing great options that will help you reach orgasm easily.

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The Hot Seat

The Hot Seat is great for intimacy, for sure. Your man sits on the edge of the bed or on a chair with his feet on the floor, while you turn and back up on him, sitting between his legs.

With this position, you can rock back and forth by just pressing up an own with your feet or using the arms of the char. You get to control the entry angle by arching your back and pressing your butt on his penis. All in all, while the position looks a lot like the classic doggy style, that one prioritizes dominance more, while this one puts you in the command seat.

This way, you both get what you want.

You could also try to reach under and stimulate the base of his penis as well. Areas such as the scrotum need some stimulation as well, and while doing that, he could stimulate your nipples. Great for everyone.

Reverse Cowgirl

We already covered the cowgirl position, so this won't take so much time. Here, you're and lays on his back with his legs stretched out. Then, you kneel next to him, turn, spread your legs, and straddle your hips before facing his feet.

As you kneel, you lower yourself and let his pens penetrate you. Then, you just ride. For extra fun, you could also lean forward or back, and you can change the angle of entry for further stimulation. From this position, you could also reach down to stimulate yourself or the base of his penis. If you feel like you want to change things, you could direct his penis on how to enter.

The benefit of this is that your man gets to have a great view of your butt while you both have sex. You can also get to control the pace and depth of penetration as well. You can also switch to the original cowgirl, so you get to swap between two great sex positions easily.

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