Cultural Aspects of Sex, Where can you go hand in hand?

By Sara Fleming

Human sexuality is the term that refers to ones’ sexual interest in lure to others; it is the ability to have erotic or sexual feelings and experiences. It is entrenched in social and cultural origin. It is an essential component of personality and cannot be disconnected from other aspects of life.

The term “sexuality” came up in the nineteenth century, associated with biological and social behaviors, but requires being understood as social evolution linked to historical, political, economic and social contexts.

Different cultures have different teachings about what makes up sexual morality, while members within a precise religious value may also have diverse convictions and follows.

The religiosity of the teachings of a particular religion is more significant as a determinant of sexual performance than a definite religion.  It appears that cultural factors have a more important collision on sexual curiosity.

The sexual activity consists of a plethora of subjects for example kissing, oral sex, masturbation, and foreplay. This article is a brief review of the Culture intersects with sexual activity under all of the subjects.

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Kissing is defined as the contract created by the mouth that could be a sign of greeting, friendship, love, passion, or romance. Mouth-to-mouth kissing can be seen as very common in Western and European cultures whereas some cultures, like the Thonga Tribe of South Africa, view kissing negatively.

Amongst the cultures that kiss, a lot of people simply prefer to kiss on the cheek as a greeting to friends and family, though other cultures, for example, the Greeks greet each other with a non-romantic mouth-to-mouth kiss.  Some people think that kissing is ordinary, but it is statistically common to evade romantic kissing in culture than engage in it. Some cultures have other means of love that can be contrasted to kissing such as an “Eskimo kiss,” which involves partners to rub their noses collectively.


Typically foreplay is categorized as the emotional and physical sexual interactions between two partners that lead up to sex. Akin to kissing, it lies on a spectrum that is not limited to fondling, kissing, sensual touching, and oral sex. Foreplay may comprise anything that produces sexual arousal.

Usually, in Western cultures, it is short and always tends to prologue intercourse. Numerous Eastern societies take on foreplay for extensive periods of time because they strive to prolong sexual arousal. At the same time, several cultures engage in limited amounts of foreplay, or foreplay may completely absent there. In the Western cultures, diverse patterns of foreplay can be seen, but these all tend to be short in extent and to be seen as something that leads up to the "main event" of interaction. Moreover, several cultures have a totally different description of foreplay than most cultures. For instance, the partners who belong to the Trobriand Islanders of Melanesia usually swap over saliva and bite each other’s lips till blood comes out as a way of rising sexual arousal.

Oral sex

Some cultures accept oral sex though others deem it morally wrong. Oral sex is when one person gives oral stimulation to a partner’s genitals. In the Western world, in industrialized parts of Asia and in many island societies of the South Pacific oral sex is pretty common and can even be seen as a ordinary part of sexual stimulation and foreplay.

On the other hand, various cultures in parts of Africa see oral sex to be extremely perverted, and many religions across the world see oral sex as evil. Oral sex can be a very erotic type of foreplay that escorts to sex or it can be a “main event” that conveys sexual satisfaction, pleasure, and probably orgasms.

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When an individual stimulates his or her genitals, it is considered as male and female masturbation. Many cultures dislike masturbation on religious grounds though others propose that masturbation is moderately not dangerous and may even be favorable. Many studies conducted by researchers concluded that masturbation is a completely natural fact that does not lead to any negative health effects.

Lots of religions do not support masturbation and they state that masturbation is a sin and that one should reduce his or her desire. Other negative side effects of masturbation declare by religious figures comprise spine damage, mental disorders, digestive pains, reproductive damage, and lunacy. None of these side effects are medically proven by research, but this paradigm provides imminent into the broad range of beliefs on masturbation.


Generally, Western culture views marriage as an officially binding communion between two partners, but there are other cultures, such as India culture that still follow polygamy and polyandry. Some Muslim residents who belong to Philippines and Malaysia agree too and practice polygamy for Muslims while having more than one partner in Western culture is seen as taboo.

Another phase of marriage that interconnects with cultural norms is acceptance for monogamy. It is defined as having a concord with one’s partner about an elite relationship. In some places such as Thailand, it is common to cheat partners though, in Ireland, the Catholic society deems cheating as immoral.

Premarital and extramarital sex

Though the blessed texts of major religions exclude premarital and extramarital sex, research suggests that Muslims place meticulous importance on virginity till marriage. In Muslim culture, Teenager boys and girls cannot interrelate privately with each other to drastically reduce the chances of premarital sex. While there is no such type of ban in western culture.

All in all, the range of beliefs on topic sexuality that comprise kissing, foreplay, masturbation, Premarital and extramarital sex, oral sex and many more tend to differ drastically from location to location, but respecting a culture’s beliefs is vital.

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Cultural Aspects of Sex, Where can you go hand in hand?

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