Sex problem
-list of the most common problems in bed in the World

By Tuva Novar

Improving your sex life is something that we all want to do.

Everyone desires being able to enjoy sex and keep their relationships stronger,

but there are some issues which could hamper the success of this.


If you notice that your partner seems to be giving less and less of an effort between the sheets, then there might be a bit of a problem. No one likes to do all the effort and get very little in return, and it can easily cause a lot of strife in a relationship.

To solve this, try taking things slow. Start by playfully commenting on how you’ve noticed some differences and how they aren’t really doing what they use to. Sometimes, all you need is to remind the partner that sex can only be great when you both participate equally.

However, in the event that this doesn’t work, you might want to take a more straightforward approach speak calmly about the fact that your partner doesn’t seem to be overly motivated to do stuff in bed anymore, an ask why this is so.

If you don’t see any explanation being forthcoming and you can establish that there are no underlying medical issues your partner is facing, then you should be honest about how this lack of enthusiasm is killing the fun for you as well. A partner who is passionate about the relationship will be more concerned about this.

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Boredom only comes from a place where you can easily anticipate whet your partner will do next, and the cause of this is coming the same thing every time you have sex with your partner.

Long-term sex with the same person has a high probability of becoming very predictable, a while a knowledge of the fact that you are becoming more familiar with each other is undoubtedly comforting, doing the same thing definitely sucks the fun out of the entre thing.

Thankfully, breaking out of this is as easy as you can imagine. All you need to do is try new things; focus on enhancing your skills, try a new position, or share some erotic fantasies that you both have with each other. Basically, just change how you both behave n be.

If you know that you customarily have sex silently, try to wake the neighbours up the next time you both get own. If you prefer things slow, pick the pace up ore this time. You could even use sex toys as a means of stimulating each other as well. Props always help things

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Trivializing emotional intimacy

Not many people understand this, but the way that two partners treat themselves outside the bedroom will also play a significant role in the way their sex life works. When your relationship is filled with nagging and negativity, your sex life will hardly be any better. So, make sure that you strengthen your relationship by being close to each other can actually enjoying your relationship. Make each other feel loved and care for, approach conflict with calmness, and make sure that you prioritize yourselves.

Also, if you notice that you have any contempt or criticism in your voice, get it out. Keep the little things in mind as well, and do what you can to ensure that your partner feels great before they step out the door for work every way. All of these will ensure that your night is even more magical.

Electronic interruptions

This is a huge problem as well. Tablets, laptops, smartphones, and much more have a way of always getting into the bedroom and sucking the life out of your intimacy period. The result s that people find themselves checking up on a tweet replying to a notification, or checking an update instead of giving their full and undivided attention to the rove ones.

What this does is send a message to your partner that they don’t take priority in your life, and whatever is in your hand is more important than they are.

You need to fix this immediately. Ensure that there are no tech interlopers in your bedroom, and keep every device that you have in some other area of the house. Your bedroom is supposed to belong to you and your partner, and that is it.

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Terrible image of your body

When relationships continue to go on for longer, it is inevitable that bodies change. Women get pregnant, and when they give birth, their bodies undergo change. Everyone grows older, and their bodies change as well. Some even lose their hair, and we all gain weight. Bodies also change due to probable health issues and the stress of life.

All of these boy changes could make us begin to feel conscious about ourselves, and some people could even try to have sex less. They cover their bodies even more, and it will eventually lead to changes in the sex life.

However, you could improve body image by sharing healthy lifestyles and making an effort to look better. In addition, make sure that you complement each other on how you look as well. No one ever wants to feel like they don’t look beautiful.

If you know that you will be hitting the sheets anytime soon, you might want to take it easy on the booze and just cozy up to your partner instead.

Different sex drives

If you are someone who has a higher sex drive, on take your partner feel bad. You should never criticize their sex drive or whine, and you should never make the stake of threatening to get sex somewhere else.

If you have a higher sex drive, you can have some masturbation sessions could help take the pressure off your partner. If you have the lower drive, you could also make the effort to get better at it. At the end of the day, balance is the important thing.

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