30 hot sex tips
- with sweet secrets

By Katerina Janoch

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Wear no underwear

Don't wear underwear. Are you going to a party together? Make sure that your private areas are easily accessible and exposed, so you can sneak off for a quickie in your host's bathroom

Go straight to the action

Take a quickie. Sometimes you don't need foreplay. Don't touch each other first, but go straight to the sex.

Keep an even pace

The pace is the main thing. There's no good sex without a steady rhythm! This applies to foreplay, oral sex, and intercourse.

Stroke the back of the knees

Behind the knees is an underestimated erogenous zone. Focus light touches there.

Do it on the table

Tables can be extremely exciting places for sex. It's animally exciting when fully dressed. Kitchen tables or dining room tables work just as well. Go for it!

Give each other a sex weekend

Give each other a sex weekend. The more sex you have then, the closer you get.

Sting with spanking

Paddling and spanking can be fun ... A little pain can give sex an extra bite. Spanking lightly with your hand, or with a paddle or whip. There are both strict and nicer tools.

Read erotic comics

Erotic comics are good sources of sexy inspiration. Read them together and feel your excitement grow. They are available in well-stocked comic book stores.

Kiss like an Indian

An old Indian kissing technique: Cover your partner's eyes with his hands and stick your tongue in their mouth. Move your tongue from side to side and out and in. Your partner is now completely in your power.

Drink bubbly

Champagne is a drink that symbolizes eroticism for many people. Why not start the evening with a glass apiece?

Shower massage

Give each other a good time. Harder, softer, warmer and more moderate water, go over each other's bodies a bit at a time, staying longer wherever it feels best.

Smek huden

Huden är kroppens största erogena zon. Knåda, klappa och smek den så mycket som möjligt.

Scented candles

Scented candles can create the right erotic mood. Pull out the phone jack and devote the whole evening to each other.

Take roseroot

Roseroot (Rhodiola Rosea) is said to be a sexual stimulant. Buy at a health food store and try it. It is not dangerous. People say that roseroot causes a promising tingle in the genitals. In a word, it makes you hornier.

Use your tongue

Oral sex to the anus, a rim job, is an underrated pleasure. Are you uncertain about rimming your partner? Wash thoroughly beforehand and use a homemade dental dam (clipped condom over the anus, or buy a dental dam designed for the purpose) if you have concerns about hygiene.

Don't be completely naked

Leaving your underwear on can be very sexy. The fabric acts as an excellent barrier to the most intimate parts. Caresses can be extra stimulating through thin silk or light cotton.

From behind

Vaginal intercourse from behind can be a good idea if you want to stimulate the clitoris at the same time. It is easy in terms of access, and the sex itself is exciting for many women.

Very slippery

Lubricants can enhance the quality of your sex life. Spend money! Durex makes several fun variants with heat and tingling effects. Let your partner massage you until you can't stand it any longer...

Sex fantasy

Sex fantasies are often the best precondition for getting excited. Feel free to add an extra partner into your life through your imagination and whisper this into your partner's ear.

Let your lust be heard

For a more exciting sex life: live out your lust with sounds! Give yourself the freedom to groan, gasp, pant, scream, roar, and bellow as much as you like. When the mind directs the show, the body usually follows.

Use your whole body

Use your entire body when caressing your partner. Lie on their back and let your body caress his or her whole body.

Chocolate painting

Chocolate painted on with a brush is a fun sex toy. Paint each other's sex organs, or decorate each other and lick clean.

Massage oil

A massage oil that heats up the skin and becomes warmer when you blow on the surface is a nice feature of varied sex life. The massage should end with intercourse.

Taken by stranger

Pretend you don't know each other. One of the most common sexual fantasies is that you are taken by a total stranger. Feel free to play this erotic game with each other in a dark bedroom.

Look in the mirror

Make love standing in front of a mirror. Mirrors give a new dimension to your sex life.

Honey sex

Honey is great to use on your lover's body. It adds an excellent spice to oral sex.

Wash each other

Bathe each other. One of you is pleasured while the other washes them. Wash each other's genitals extra carefully...


Undress, provocatively, while your partner gets to watch. Remove one garment at a time.


Shave each other. The feeling of two shaved genitals against each other is very special.

Cool with ice

Take a piece of ice and rub it over your partner's body. The nipples are very sensitive. So is the abdomen.

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