30 Sex Tips
- Strip Poker and Vampire Games...

By Katerina Janoch

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Strip poker

Play strip poker together. Do not take off your underclothes immediately though - enjoy yourselves.

Fool around with a tie

Ties can be used for many purposes. Tie each other up, love each other.

Trace circles

Trace circles with your tongue on your lover's body, around the nipples and the navel for example.

Leave the lights on

Do you tend to make love in the dark? Look your partner in the eyes instead, for a change.

Suck your fingers

Lick each other's fingers as part of foreplay. Hands are the forgotten erogenous zones.

Play vampire

Use your teeth to bite softer or a little harder. Nibble gently on each other's nipples.

Eat your partner

Whipped cream tastes good. Turn your partner into a cream cake. Eat her or him in large chews.


Bet about a sexual favor. "If you lose, you can touch/ lick / suck / be my slave all night ..."

The nipples

Getting their nipples touched, stretched, licked and sucked, pinched, or even twisted really hard can give many women an orgasm.

Find the P spot

Find his P spot. The P spot, the male G spot, is supposed to be about two inches up the anus, on the front side. If you stick your finger up and press it forward, towards his scrotum, you should find the right place. Be responsible, and if he does not want to, you cannot make him. Still, most men are open to sexual experimentation, especially if it is likely to increase his pleasure. Many people like a finger up their ass during intercourse. But, if in doubt, ask him first.

Good position

Good intercourse for her involves "clitoral contact" - he lies on top of her but holds his body a little higher than her so that the penis does not penetrate as deeply into the vagina. In this way, the root of the penis will stimulate the clitoris. She lies still but presses her abdomen against him with small rhythmic movements.

Nice experience

The scrotum is often completely forgotten in the context of oral sex. Lightly suck on his balls, alternating between the left and the right. Then gently suck on the whole scrotum. This may be his most enjoyable experience of oral sex!


Erotic reading: the novel "Fallen Angel" by Cherri Pickford. The main character is a writer who needs to have more sexual experiences...

Condom sex

Tips for men with premature ejaculation 1: Try to have intercourse wearing a condom, whether you need the protection or not. The condom can delay ejaculation in a good way, without removing all the feeling.

Let him have his fun

The frenulum, the small strand that connects the foreskin to the penis in the uncircumcised, is sensitive to stimulation. Let your tongue flutter over it and feel his pleasure.

Make love in the water

Have sex in a pool or in the sea. The best position in the water is face to face, the woman astride the man. The best thing about aquatic sex: weightlessness.

Staying power

Tips for men with premature ejaculation 2: Masturbate before intercourse. So the erection lasts longer.

Lesbian tips

Great sex tips for lesbians, and straight women and men: The book The Whole Lesbian Sex Book by Felice Newman, $18.95, can be purchased here

Double up

Combine massaging her P spot with oral sex. Wow!


A popular toy for men is Rudeboy a kind of massage rod that gives his P spot a total kick! Available to buy from Amazon etc.

Look and learn

Watch your partner as they masturbate. You get an invaluable lesson about how he/she likes to be touched.

Erotic food

Tips for an enjoyable erotic dinner: Oysters, rich in zinc, strawberries, and dark chocolate.

Tantric sex

All the movements are slow. Feel your excitement rise.


Sensual massage - massage each other for at least 20 minutes each. Gives guaranteed excitement.

Sexy underclothes

Sexy lingerie is an excellent way to boost the pulse in a relationship. Try the style of the pin-up Dita von Teessen's style: garters, corset, and high-heels.

The mirror image

The "mirror image" is a good position for both heterosexuals and homosexuals. Lie next to each other and make exactly the same movements. Works from the front or the back.

Sound or pressure waves

Sona 2 or any other sex toy with sound or pressure waves. Soft pulsating massage waves are similar to really good oral sex ....

Embrace more

When we touch (and have sex), oxytocin, sometimes known as the "love hormone", is secreted - which strengthens your relationship.

Try sex cream

Try a sex cream that enhances your sensitivity. There are many different ones available, both for ladies and gentlemen. Sex creams are available for purchase online.


Start foreplay with text messages. Make sure that you are in different rooms. Text each other your most erotic and shameful suggestions - and then meet in bed to make them a reality!

Bras For The Bars - Belle Lingerie
Bras For The Bars - Belle Lingerie

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