How to have amazing sex

By Makena Keita

Conventional wisdom tells us those female partners are very complicated; emotionally and sexually. Male partners have grown to become better lovers. However, just like a tango, it takes two or more to have sex. For a fantastic sex life, implement the guidelines below.

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Foreplay between man and woman

The power in foreplay

It is an essential part of sex. Unfortunately, many partners cease to practice it over time. Diving into sex is not as thrilling and enticing before the foreplay. It increases the sexual tension and desire for each other. Not only does it build up a sexual desire for each other, but it also leads to the best sex that a couple could ever wish for.

It is also important to note that both male and female partners have erogenous zones, some that are more sensitive than others. This is an opportunity to explore your partners, sensitive zones thoroughly. For male partners, this could be the neck, the ears, the penis shaft, the floor area between the balls and the butt hole-a gentle massage on that swelling will turn him into a beast! Thank me later. Many female partners think that foreplay is solely meant for them.

On the contrary, it is required for all partners. The female partners shouldn’t be limited to the breasts and the inner thighs. The feet, mouth, area behind her knees, the back, a massage, a kiss on her collar bones, these and many more sensitive areas will guarantee you the fantastic sex that you both seek. So take the time and enjoy the foreplay.

Man texting girl before sex

Create time for the bedroom

Unplanned sex is the greatest. Over time, this gets boring, and more often than not, many partners tend to withdraw from the relationship simply because they seek to feel prioritized. There is nothing wrong with planned sex. Couples can actually have a timetable to ensure that they still have sex despite being together over a long period.

The sex drives deteriorate over time, which is quite reasonable. Time can also be created in a sexy way like texting your partner, ‘Hey baby, I would like to spend some quality time with you tonight, wear that special cologne that I love’. Not only will such a text lead to mind-blowing sex, but it will also increase the intimacy between you two.

Woman sleep man body

Leave your self-centred zone

Sex is a two-way thing. Reciprocation is the key for a couple to keep the fire burning. It was normal to have a partner that is more sexual than the other. They will come with demands that more than not will go unrewarded or unreciprocated. This is a bit selfish. Say, am man likes having fellatio before having sex, he should be ready to reciprocate by offering cunnilingus to the female partner.

That way, they will all feel satisfied and equally loved. The easiest way to solve this is by doing the 69. Problem solved, the sex is good, everyone is happy.

Couple reeding sex blog in bed

Respect the boundaries

Nothing kills the mood as a partner pressuring the other to perform specific tasks or new things that may seem exciting yet uncomfortable to the partner. We all read blogs on new sex styles, heck! We all want to be the Kama Sutra gurus, unfortunately, how we propose these great steamy sexual ideas to our partners is the deal-breaker.

Boundaries between partners should be respected. Despite this, breaking the barriers can be both rewarding and exhilarating.

Talk about sex

Sexual conversations with your partner could end up as foreplay or as a way to improve on the sex. Additionally, this is a space to get feedback on sex. This should be taken positively as the partners openly share their sentiments about the bedroom and exchange of each other’s sexual fantasies.

Communication is the ultimate aspect of beautiful sex life. Talk to your partner today and experience the difference.

Clean up

Body odour is a significant turn-off. The natural scent is part of the attraction to the partners. However, sex becomes uncomfortable when either reek of body odour.

Hygiene maintenance is essential, especially just before sex. A quick shower usually is advisable, but if it is impossible to have one, freshening up between the legs is necessary. The undercarriage often is enticing if it smells and tastes fresh and clean. The pubic hair should also be kept clean and trimmed. Nobody wants to give head and spit out hair. Gross! The nails too should be cut and clean.

Vaginas are highly susceptible to infections; thus, it would only be fair to go down on her with clean fingers. Freshening up is undoubtedly one of the simplest ways to have fantastic sex.


Every partner in a sexual relationship loves and deserves a compliment. If your partner is smelling good or looking sexy or beautiful, don’t hesitate to let them know. You could also express your appreciation with a simple act as a stolen, passionate kiss. This will set you up in the right mood for some thrilling sex.

Become A Master of the Basics

Make sure you have mastered the basics before diving into new techniques, scenarios or positions. Read blogs on what has worked for others and try it out with your partner. Nonetheless, don’t belittle your current craft of hitting the right spot even before introducing the new package to your sex life.

Be confident about the basics that you are currently giving, but of course, ask for feedback from your partner.

couple in front of a mirror

Change location/ setup

Sex isn’t confined to the bedroom. Explore other areas, be kinky, explore other areas of the house. Make it fun. A change of scenery will also guarantee fantastic sex.

Perhaps a getaway to a different town or a staycation in a hotel within your locale will intensify the bond between the two of you. Be open to having sex in crazy and different places.

couple intim in the bed

Do the Inverse of Porn

If you are seeking fantastic sex, then stop doing what you see in porn. Flip the whole ratio of the sex from 80% cock sucking and 5% gentle touching to 70% full body massage and 30% sexual intercourse.

Take your time when having sex. This will strengthen the intimate bond between you and your partner. Take it slow, go slow. Learn to adjust yourself, depending on the mood set by your partner. Some days were meant for the hardcore fuck others are meant for intense lovemaking, that gentle, slow fuck.

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How to have amazing sex

How to have amazing sex

Conventional wisdom tells us those female partners are very complicated; emotionally and sexually. Male partners have grown to become better lovers. However, just like a tango, it takes two or more to have sex. For a fantastic sex life, implement the guidelines below.
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