The guide of the taboo fetish - Cuckold relationship

By Makena Keita

Have you have heard stories about cuckolds but don’t have much information about it. All you need to know is this guide of the taboo fetish - Cuckold relationship.

Cuckold is a fetish in which a man, commonly referred to as the cuckold watches his wife fucking or being fucked by another man. It could also be a wife, generally referred to as a cuckoldress watching her man, more so the husband fucking or being fucked by another man. It is important to have a discussion as a couple before engaging in this fetish.

Sometime it could make a relationship stronger or completely break it., involving a lot of humiliation and submission. The cuckold has to convince their lover mostly by begging, to engage in the fetish. However, some cuckolds prefer their love initiating sex. The participants should be humiliated at their own will, else it loses its essence if it coerced. The word Cuckold originally meant being the wronged husband of an unfaithful wife.

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Why the name cuckold?

The guide of the taboo fetish - Cuckold relationship

This was derived from the bird commonly known as the cuckoo. It is well known for laying its eggs in other birds’ nests. It has no boundaries. The same was related to a promiscuous wife who would put with another man other than her husband.

More often than not, the husband is ‘forced’ to watch his wife fucking another man. Its masochistic love of humiliation makes it a fetish to many. It is then a subcategory of the BDSM Kinky world.

Women who are into submission, love the idea of watching their partners having sex with other women. Also, they consider this as the best, sincerest gift and the ultimate sacrifice that is the dream of every BDSM relationship. The practice not limited to heterosexual relationships. Gay and lesbian couples can also engage in this fetish and satisfy their sexual desires.

Throughout the years, cuckold has gained popularity mainly because of the reasons discussed below:

The satisfaction of Fantasies

In this type of practice, the couple shares various sexual desires and activities. Nonetheless, the woman enjoys engaging in sexual activities with many partners without having to worry about offending the husband. This is a relationship in which the fantasies of both can be easily fulfilled. What is more, the men can comfortably watch their wives fucking or being fucked by other men which is much better than the tormenting thought of imagining their wives having sexual relations outside their marriage.

Enhances Trust in Marriage

The couple is fully aware of each other’s sexual rendezvous and sexcapades. This translates into little or less jealousy between the couple. This highly reduces the chance to cheat or for infidelity to occur.

Builds and Enhances Confidence

A woman’s confidence is increased, especially when her husband wants her for being desired by other men, who are willing to engage in sexual relations with her. This results in an optimized intimacy between the couple. Thoughts between them are easily shared, as well.

Improved Intimacy

A new sexual experience always strengthens the intimacy levels in a couple. This is typically caused by new excitement. This is then translated into mutual sexual satisfaction which is enjoyed in various ways.

Improved and Increased Attention and Interest

A couple that practices this type of sex is always after pleasing each other. As a result, they gradually start developing a keen interest in each other. They even start making themselves better for their partners by wearing better clothes, working out more and eating healthier. It makes them more loving, caring and understanding.

Closer Friendships

Engaging in sexual relations with other people lays the foundation for friendships to culminate. They get to know each other better, interact and discover each other’s interests and desires.

It enhances communication between the partners

The partners can discuss their fantasies and share insights on sex. This provides an improvement in the bedroom and general communication about sex. The partners are thus able to perform better and satisfy each other more.

Tips for the perfect cuckold relationship

The guide of the taboo fetish - Cuckold relationship

Here are some tips to consider before engaging the taboo fetish - Cuckold relationship

You should be on the same page

You both need to agree on engaging in this type of sexual practice.

Make sure that you all agree on it. 

Set realistic rules

Rules are set to be broken. However, you should have rules and guidelines that should be comfortable for each one of you.

You can have a limit of sexual engagements per week, the maximum number of partners that you will share and so on.

Be social and friendly

Be friendly and social with the people around you. Heck one of them could be the playmate that you seek as a couple for your cuckold. This is very important as you may find people who are into the same practice and you may end up sharing ideas and even contacts of potential playmates. So go on, smile at that person across the bar. You never know where your luck lies

Let the female partner lead the way

Women are naturally very complicated and so is having sexual relations with them. To ensure that there is no conflict, allow her to lead the way.

Let her be the one to initiate the sex. This will save your relationship with a lot of misunderstandings. Be patient and wait for the green light.

Watch videos before practising

You need to watch videos on the practice before engaging in sexual activity. This way, you can judge the comfort levels of each other and get an idea of what it entails. If you are a married couple, a cuckold is an ideal way of re-igniting the fire between both of you.

Try it if you are completely sure that both of you agree about practising it. Enjoy each other and make your sexual desires come to life. I wish you the best as you embark on this new enjoyable experience.

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