The need for sex education and its importance in the society

By Tuva Novar

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of talk concerning how sex education can help with conquering some of the issues that people grow up to have when they become more sexually active.

As opposed to allowing people grow up without proper knowledge and education on how to approach sexual problems and phenomena, there have been several advocates who believe that sec education should be a key component to the learning curricula that children and early students are expose to.

From the very act of sex itself to other concepts such as sexual abuse, harassment, sexual practices, an sexually transmitted diseases, it is ideal that children be able to understand how to approach their sexuality the right way, as opposed to treating these issues (which, by all means, are incredibly important) in a way that will be detrimental to them and others in their lives as well.

As can be imagined, the school system is an important player in helping to implement effective sex education, including an especially to growing children. There have been several studies which show that effective sex education in schools will prevent adults having sex “experiments.”

The sex education programs can also help to encourage children to attain adequate protection when having sex; thus gong a long way in preventing the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases.

According to the World Health Organization, it is important for sex education to be a part of the educational matrix of children who are above the age of 12. It is also estate that about 34 percent of people who live with HIV are between the ages of 12 and 18. While a lot of these people could have been born with the disease, a vast majority of the actually found themselves engaging in harmful sexual practices in this time due to a lack of a strong sex educational background.

So, what really are the cases for sexual education in our schools, and how important will this go on to be for the society?

A deeper understanding of sex

As we have all come to find out, sex is an activity that has a lot of underlying effects on our lives. Beyond the act itself, there are several ways that sex ends up affecting our mindsets and builds or destroys our characters. Sadly, just like a host of other activities which affect human life so much, there have been several rumours and myths surrounding sex, which end up getting fed to kids as well.

With sex education, we can begin to teach children about the importance of sex in their lives, as well as the importance that the activity has on the n the long run.

Answering pertinent questions

A lot of children have questions about sex and its other related concepts when they begin to encounter it for the first time. Puberty also exacerbates this. Girls want to know how to manage their periods, and boys want to know how to deal with the urges they feel when they’re aroused.

Children also have quite a lot of questions about the opposite gender as well. At a certain age, they begin to understand that there is much more to their differences than, say, their levels of physical activity

Appropriate sex education can help to address all of this, thus ensuring that children grow up to be sexually responsible adults who know how to manage themselves and point others in the right reaction as well. With sex education, children are taught to properly understand the differences between the as well, thus keeping certain desires in check.

Combating sexual abuse

Despite the success that has been made in keeping sexual abuse in check, the sick activity continues to prevail. Sadly, sexual abuse in children is a bit of a more depressing problem, especially as children still might not know how to approach the problem.

With sexual education, children are taught the differences between a good touch and an unacceptable one, and from there, we have a roadmap to eradicating sexual abuse from the source. Apart from saving children who can be victims of sexual abuse, we also teach them what they need to know to ensure that they don’t grow up to be sexual abusers as well.

On the other hand, various cultures in parts of Africa see oral sex to be extremely perverted, and many religions across the world see oral sex as evil. Oral sex can be a very erotic type of foreplay that escorts to sex or it can be a “main event” that conveys sexual satisfaction, pleasure, and probably orgasms.

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It is relatively safer

Generally, engaging in sex education is a much safer option for teaching children about sex than letting them learn from other harmful resources such as pornography and the unfiltered content of the internet.

Apart from the fact that most of these other resources contain harmful an inappropriate information, a lot of the things they put out could be misleading. Wrong information gets planted in the minds of these children, and rooting those out in later years will be even more of a difficult task.

Eradicating STDs

We live in a world where issues such as sexually transmitted diseases and teenage pregnancies are on the rise. 

Given how important it is to ensure that these sues are appropriately taken care of, it really is only right that we make sex education more accessible to children to open the up to the possible threats that they face.

Forging the adults of tomorrow

Keep in mind that children of today end up being adults tomorrow. With sex education, we can turn children into proper adults at the end of the day.

Teenagers are turning sexually active faster and more rampant these days, and it is important for sex education to be in place in order to help them understand the benefits of concepts such as abstinence and protection. They grow u to be sexually responsible, and a lot of the problems that we face in the past can be treated proactively.

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