Things that you
must know before
having sex first time!!!

By Sara Fleming

Probably there are lots of things going through your mind if you are planning about having sex for the first time. Your first time having sex can be the matter of a lot of excitement, but it can also have feelings of panic or anxiety.

Mostly, though, it's hard to imagine what it will really be like when it happens. Following is a list of things that you should keep in mind before having sex first time.

The first and important thing before having sex first time is to make sure that you are ready to have sex

Though, everyone who has lots of experience of sex had the first time once and based on their present experience they might feel like their first time was not worth it probably because it was not as pleasant as they have these days.

Nevertheless, having sex first time is a big deal that is why you need to ask yourself some important questions to ensure that you are actually ready for having sex. There are numerous questions however you can start from the following:

  • Can you trust him/her?

  • Do you know him well?

  • What do you feel about your partner? Are feelings that you have for your partner warm, comfortable or are just pure lust? This is most important to know so that you do not end up having stronger feelings after sex when you are not expected to.

  • Do you have enough knowledge of birth control, safe sex, and STDS?

  • What have your parents, religion, and society taught you regarding sex?

  • Are you pressurized for having sex?

  • How do you want your first experience would like to be?

  • Can it affect your relationship?

  • What would you do if you or your partner contracted an STI or STD?

  • What would you do if the girl gets pregnant?

  • What does your partner think about you? Are you in a genuine relationship or is this is just a hook-up?

  • Are you really ready for sex?

Find out what you like before beginning

If you are not sure what do you want your first time having sex will feel like? Before proceeding takes some time for introspection and masturbation.

If you are reading this then the question that strikes into mind will definitely be’” how can I know what stirs me up? ” there is simple answer of your question that is you need to have some time to date yourself, have sex with yourself and figure out how you like to be touched before bringing a partner.

Does one thing that can make you feel Sexier

Feeling desirable and sexy to the partner is the main component that adds on to sexual enjoyment. So, before having sex first time, does something that can make you feel a slight sexier and confident..

That can be having a shower, wearing underwear in which you feel positive in or listening to a sensual song. Something that can make you feel more striking will put you in a more sexual mood

Make a list what needs to get done and then put that list off

If you are thinking about the things that you need to get done before having sex then you are going to enjoy a lot less then you actually can. If your mind is continuously roving toward thoughts like “what will we do?” “We need more milk” You need a plan to stay in the moment.

The things that come to your mid will not let you concentrate on enjoying sex. So if you think things are piling up in front of you, then make a list of what needs to get done and then put that list off to the side so you can just concentrate on enjoying sex for a few minutes.”

Concentrate on foreplay

Foreplay is the best way to make your lovemaking more satisfying. For having foreplay, spend lots of time for kissing, touching each other before having sex.

By having a lot of time on foreplay, you will be turned-on, naturally lubricated, and feeling good by the time you start having sex — which will make sex feel much better, no matter what kind of sex you are going have.

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Keep lube by your bedside

Lube is a bedside essential that should remain within your arm’s reach.

It is advisable for you to try stunning bedside dispensers that warm lubricant and have hands-free dispensing so there is no shuffling with bottles that could take you out of the minute.

Keep condoms ready

Obviously safe sex is significant, which for some may take in protection. Men should keep condoms ready to go before and you must know the appropriate way to place a condom on the penis.

It is advisable to buy large-size condoms since there is only a minute difference between regular and large sizes

Start off slowly

It is one of the major things to keep in mind. Most of the women need around 20 minutes for their bodies to get fully prepared for having sex. This means that you should take time to enjoy some foreplay to go a long way to having an incredibly enjoyable sex experience.

You can do this by little things such as undressing each other piece by piece while giving each other’s kisses on the body along the way it is a great way to get to know your partner’s body and sets a corporeal tone. Thus, don’t rush in the heat of the moment; start off slowly. Then you will be more than ready for the main event.

When all's said and done, your first-time sex should be special and you should enjoy it that is why you should select a partner with whom you are comfortable to have sex.

Even if you don’t have any sex skill and knowledge pre hand, your first time does not have to be terrible particularly when you know the things talked about above

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