Can Sex Help You Lose Weight?


A question we hear a lot is Can Sex Help You Lose Weight? As of now, there are a lot of people who have speculations on whether sex helps them to burn fats or not. Merely checking the Internet will show people with warring opinions, and that is fine.

For the definitive answer, sex definitely does help to burn calories. The word on the street is that you can burn between 85 and 150 calories if you have sex for about half an hour. If you are having sex often enough, you will find that these calories will add up exponentially.

Sex burns calories

However, you will need to theoretically burn about 3,509 calories to lose a pound in your body weight. So, if you were to lose 100 pounds every time you got under the sheets with your partner, then you’d forget about a pound in body weight after 35 bouts between the layers. That is a whole lot of sex. So, the general rule of thumb is that when you have intercourse long enough and hard enough. You will lose enough body weight.

That brings us to the problem; a lot of people don’t have lovemaking up to half an hour. As a matter of fact, the average duration of sex has been found to be closer to 5 minutes. The most significant spike in your blood pressure and heart rate. Will also occur when you are about 25 seconds into the act, then everything goes back to normal.

How many calories?

Experts estimate 30 minutes of sex burns 85 to 150 calories. Those calories could add up if you are having sex often enough. Theoretically, you need to burn about 3,500 calories to lose a pound of body weight, so if you were using up 100 calories every time you had sex, you could lose one pound if you had sex 35 times. That sounds pretty good. If you had sex more often or for a longer period of time, you could burn even more calories.

The truth is that you most likely don’t work as hard as you think you do while you are between the sheets. The amount of work you do during sex is actually rather mild, and most of the time, you rarely see your heart rate rise abound 130. So, while you are doing something, the level of physical exertion here truly isn’t comparable to what you do when you are actually working out.

Of course, it is possible that if you will need to do a lot more work to have an orgasm. Or if you get older or you’re not as physically fit as you used to be. You will need to do a little bit of more work while having sex. However, unless you are having sex for the way extended or you’re doing so with much more energy exertion than usual. The mere act of sex might not help you to lose as much weight as you will have done if you just did some exercise.

Recommendations for an adult

Currently, the recommendations for an adult to be healthy is to aim for at least two and a half hours of strenuous physical activity every week. You can achieve this by just dancing or taking a walk. Note that if you think you can make it with sex, there is no problem; give it a try.

Still, the truth is that you probably won’t get as much weight loss from sex as you will get. If you want to read more, we found a great article in Men's Health

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Healthy sex life can also reduce cancer risk in men. A large study in the British Medical Journal found that men who ejaculated at least 21 times per month. Were less likely to get prostate cancer than guys who only ejaculated four to seven times per month.

So yes, unfortunately, a tumble in the sheets doesn’t torch as many calories as you'd likely hoped. But hey, that shouldn't stop you from having more sex. But before you get too excited about that potential calorie burn, another study published in 2013 concluded the opposite: that sex really isn't much of a workout at all.

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