How can she wish to have sex with me when she is in a great relationship with another man?

I recently met a woman who is in a long term relationship. She was very flirty towards me and suggested that we might have sex, but at the same time claiming she was happy with the relationship she was in. Now, this is something that puzzles me – how can she be willing to have sex with me but still claim she is satisfied with her man? Is she really being honest about herself?

"Matt, 43"

Katerina answer

Some people live in open sexual relationships - maybe this women is one of them?

Hi Matt, I totally understand you are intrigued by this behaviour as it is not very common. I would suggest that you try to find out more if you are interested in her.

Some couples live in an open polyprotic relationship, which means that they are not monogamous and may want to have sex with others. If this is the case of your lady, you need to decide for yourself if this is something you want to engage in.

Not everyone is comfortable having sex with someone who is already engaged. The easiest way is to settle rules in advance.

Another scenario might be that this woman could be looking for an affair to have more excitement in her life. Maybe she feels like she misses out on this in her relationship. She may want to spice up the sexual part.

I think it's necessary you set things straight before eventually entering a sexual relationship of this kind.

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