How do I handle it when I suddenly feel like the relationship has gone a little stale?

Relationships are a progression. Everything starts out hot and steamy between you and your partner, but as you progress in your relationship, you will find that things tend to become predictable. As the predictability continues to fester, you find that your sex life becomes stale.

No one wants this for sure. However, we are all fortunate that there are several ways to get through this.

The first thing to do to bring back the spark in your sex life will be to speak with your partner.

Like every other sexual issue that couples face, staleness is a function of you both being predictable, and there are cases where your partner might not even be aware. So, speak to him and let him know how things are.

Then, with you both committed to solving the problem, you can try out new things. It could be a new sex position; bring some spice into the relationship by bringing a new twist to how you both have sex, an you will have something new to go home to.

Also, you could try having sex in a different location entirely. If you have become too accustomed to doing it in the bedroom, then you could switch to the bathroom or go to the yard. At the end of the day, bringing something more exciting to the relationship is a great way to ensure that you don’t always do the same thing. As you switch things up, you can rekindle the excitement in the relationship altogether.

So, if you find that things are getting a bit stale, you can try out different ways to ensure that you spice things up. However, the most important thing is that you are both aware, and you take positive steps to ensure that the problem is properly and permanently dealt with.

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