Is it a bad idea to have breakup sex with your ex?

If you have ever been in the receiving end of dumping, you know that the “We need to talk” routine never really helps anyone. Even if there was a legitimate reason for the relationship coming to an end, you have a hard time coming to grips with them. You never want to see your ex again, but there are situations where you wish to have them for the last time.

There is hardly anything sexier than being confronted with something -or someone. You can no longer have, and there are several sources which will suggest that breakup sex is a good thing. The argument is usually the same: the damage has already been done, so what is the worst that could happen from just one night? 

Well, while breakup sex might not sound like it is so bad, the truth is that it could have some unwanted effects.

The first is with the power balance. Most times, the person who got dumped (in this case, you) acquires the less power. You feel like getting back is excellent, but he might not want you for more than one night. People who are on the receiving end of a breakup tend to want to initiate breakup sex as a way of keeping the connection alive. Some even secretly hope that they can use sex as a means of reigniting the interest of their ex in the relationship.

Well, it probably won’t.

Of course, there are other instances where you might be seeking breakup sex. It could be to get closure and confirm that the spark is gone- a fact which is only approved if the sex was actually wrong. However, if you really want to get closure, then restricting access to your ex is the best way. By doing this, you get to end the relationship on your terms instead of continually having meaningless sex with someone who doesn’t want anything more to do with you.

Of course, it is worth pointing out that breakup sex doesn’t have to be wrong. For women who want sex and have no one to call up but their ex, it might be a meaningless transaction that ends up being nothing more than that. However, if you need a coping mechanism or something to help get over the relationship, having sex with the man who broke your heart isn’t the recommended thing to do. 

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