Is it necessary that we include foreplay?

Whether or not you don’t like to waste time or you think your partner is not a fan of foreplay, skipping that important lead-up is actually going to decrease the chances you have of getting the maximum pleasure.

Quickness is undoubtedly awesome, but leaving some anticipation is a great way of heightening the pleasure. At the end of the day, the best things take a little while. A lot of people believe that the main sex is the best, but a lot of the time, the appetizer actually makes an even better meal than the main course itself.

This is why you really should give foreplay more of a chance when you have sex; research shows that having an orgasm is something that takes both mental focus and strength from the body itself. The thing about foreplay is that it creates the necessary excitement that brings about better and longer lasting arousal.

In addition to that, foreplay can also help with lubrications. There is a lot of thrill that you get from standard parts of sex such as oral sex, touching, and kissing. Since they can be as exciting as intercourse itself, they are definitely thrilling. However, before foreplay gets to that sweet spot, you need to think about the things that turn you on, as well as what your partner likes.

As you communicate with your partner about what you love, you can integrate these components into your foreplay. The types of touching, how you like to be kissed, and much more can be included into your foreplay, thus ensuring that the entire act of sex is optimized.

It is also important to note that the methods of foreplay usually depend on you and your partner as well. You can start with a gently shoulder massage, some kissing, and some mild touching as well. If you’re fine with getting oral sex, then you can feel free to give it a try. At the end of the day, you get the right type of lubrication that you need for the main act.

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