Dealing with erectile issues in your relationship

By Alicia Goodspring

Your sexual health is very important. It determines a lot about your relationship, and it is important for you to always be in top shape. However, there are those who struggle with lasting between the sheets nonetheless.

For those who have erectile issues to deal with, these natural remedies will undoubtedly be helpful in overcoming them:

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Walk more

According to a study conducted by Harvard University, walking for just half an hour every day can help reduce the risk of developing erectile disorder by almost 50 percent. Other research also suggest that exercising ore can help you to restore sexual performance, especially in obese, middle aged men who have erectile issues.

Eat well

Everyone knows that eating right is a great way to maintain good health. Well, good food can also help you with solving erectile issues as well. Diets rich in natural foods (such as whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and much more), as well as lesser processed and red meat, can help reduce the likelihood of erectile dysfunction.

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Take your vascular health important

There are actually a lot of ways that your vascular health can affect your erectile strength. High blood sugar, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and much more can damage the arteries in the heart, leading to issues such as heart attacks, strokes, and even erectile dysfunction.

As you grow in weight, this also increases erectile dysfunction risks as well. So, make sure that you regularly check with your doctor to see if your vascular health is in good shape, or if you need to make some lifestyle changes to ensure that you don’t end up with erectile issues. If you need to take any medications, it is recommended that you get on that as soon as possible.

Watch your weight

A slim waistline is another way to stay healthy and ensure that your erectile health is intact. According to Harvard, a man who has a waist measuring 42 inches is 50 percent more likely to have erectile dysfunction than someone whose waist measures 32 inches.

Losing weight is a great way to begin fighting erectile dysfunction, so make sure that you get in shape and stay in shape going forward. Obese people are at a higher risk of developing vascular issues and diabetes; two issues which significantly raise the chances of erectile dysfunction. Excess fat also interferes with several hormones which help maximize orgasms

This could be the issue as well.

Use your penis more

There’s nothing to be ashamed about. Research has shown that a strong pelvic floor can increase rigidity during erections, while also helping to prevent blood from leaving the penis via any of the veins.

You could eve try kegel exercises, which help to strengthen the pelvic muscles. Other activity changes include a reduction (or elimination) of smoking, less alcohol, and better sleep.

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