Erogene zones -
The high gear
to lust

By Sara Fleming

The body is a complex system of organs and nerves, and while there are popular areas such as your vagina that easily arouse you, there are certain hotpots across your body that can also help you to feel excite.

These are the erogenous zones. In this piece, we will be looking at them, and how they can help induce the feeling of sexual arousal.

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The nape of your neck

One of the best parts of the neck is that finding out the "neck people" s pretty easy. There are a lot of nerve endings at your nape and the back of your neck; so much so that all you need to arouse you is a light touch.

So, you can just ask your an to run the tips of his fingers up an own your neck as you both kiss. If you want to take things up a notch, then you could have your partner focus on kissing your neck instead of fixating on your lips.

Your pubic mound

While it might not be the part of your boy that he will devote most of s attention to, the area over your pubic bone can actually be incredibly arousing when t is touched the right way.

The thing about your pubic mound is that it is connected to your genitals, and thanks to the presence of sensitive nerve endings that emit pheromones [chemicals produced by your body which can trigger a sexual response from others around you], stimulating it can turn you on significantly.

To activate this zone, have your man massage the area with minimal pressure. From there, you can work your way to increasing arousal. You could have him gently massage and caress the skin between your fingers or have h gently suck and pull on the sensitive patch of skin with his mouth.

Sensations will be activated for sure. 

Your inner thighs

Before he goes straight for the vagina, it is important that your partner spends some time teasing you by playing around your inner thighs. The skin over there is incredibly sensitive, and there is an abundance of nerve endings there as well. So, little nibbles and kisses will definitely arouse you.

If you really want to set things ablaze, however, have your partner run an ice cube up an own your thighs and lick it off gently. You just might squirt all over his face.

Your armpits

It might sound a bit off, but this is actually very true. If you can look past all the possible hair and sweat, the armpits can actually be an interesting erogenous zone.

Think about it like this; your armpits are very sensitive, and you know this because you get really ticklish when someone touches you there. Well, the same thing that makes you ticklish around your armpits also makes the sensitive to sexual touches.

To check out the sexual significance of your armpits, have your partner take the tips of his fingers and brush your underarms slowly and gently. He should go up an own lightly, then switch to a fast, circular motion. The entre ticklish sensation has a thin line to cross before turning to complete sexual arousal. With the right manipulations, your partner could get you over than line and make you horny for real.

It might look playful, but the seductive property is undoubtedly there.

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Your ears

A lot of people know that ears are very erotic, but they still go ahead to overlook them. Thanks to this, the ears are actually one of the most sensitive erogenous zones n the boy, and if you want to spice things up in bed, they are a great hot spot. There are a lot of sensory receptors in the ears, so you know they are very sensitive to touch.

To begin, your partner can trace around the C-shaped outline of your ear with his fingertips as a diversion while you both kiss. With nibbling and gentle kissing, fireworks will be sure. Also, when one with some gentle penetration of your vagina, this can be even more effective and help you to intensify your orgasm.

Your stomach

When you hover between the belly button and the pelvis, you find an erogenous zone. This is because with the right touch, you will be able to stimulate the G-spot from the opposite side.

Also, the area over the pelvic region makes for a great tease. The lower stomach s very close to the clitoris and the vagina, and as your man moves lower and lower, you will find the experience very exciting. Light stimulation will also help to boost the flow of blood to other erogenous zones.

Your hands

Your hands are also very sensual, and gentle touches alone can bring about feelings of ecstacy. Sucking fingers is a form of oral sex, and when combined with massages with the tongue, pleasuring the fingers sends signals to the reward center of the brain.

The bottoms of your feet

There are pressure points in the feet that trigger arousal. They also contain nerve endings, so they are extra sensitive.

However, since a lot of people fell ticklish at their feet. You want to have steady, firm strokes over tickly and light motions. Kind of like a massage.

Your lips

Everyone loves some lip action. Of all the erogenous zones, the lips are the most expose. They have about 100 times the number of nerve endings in the fingertips, and this means that the slightest touch on the releases feel-good hormones that affect both your genitals and your emotions.

Your butt

Not everyone is ready to be kinky with their butts, but a lot of women have found that this region is a huge hot spot. However, despite how sensitive this can be, different women have different wants. So, you can pay around and find out what you like, then see what works the best for you. Some people like caressing, while some prefer licking. Some like light penetration, while others like it deep.

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