Some practical ways to Spice up Sex in Your Marriage!!

By Sara Fleming

Love and sex are the roots of the married life. To keep the energy going, one needs to provide something exciting and new.

A relationship develops in different stages even after the honeymoon is over. Most of the people are only familiar with the early stages, such as meeting, courtship dating, and commitment.

Most of the people have also experienced moving in, marriage and honeymoon stage where everything is lovely and brand new. That is what romantic movies and songs are about, and this has become what people said being in love. Extend the phase of honeymoon indefinitely is what visualizes as "happily ever after."

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Nevertheless, after wedding planning and the honeymoon are over, and the couple gets a load of several responsibilities such as household chores, work, and money issues, etcetera. Post-honeymoon shock can take roots, and the real-life is not as romantic as the wedding and honeymoon. Still, the real effort of developing a great marriage starts here.

As many people do not have lasting relationships of their own, they have no experience of the later stages, I.e. the progress of intimacy and developed partnership phases. Following is a list of some practical ways to Spice up Sex in Your Marriage!!

Communicate with your partner:

Your sex will be as good as your vulnerability and honesty with each other. Even the great sex starts with talking to each other and connection between the couple. Intending to have a healthy sex life, both of you need to make a lot of conversation. Also, it is imperative, to be honest, and vulnerable about how you feel about your sexual relationship.

Do not sit angrily in silence dissatisfaction. Tell your partner about your turn-on and turn-offs also, don't forget to ask her what she likes and what she is missing. Finally, Verbal communication while having sex is just as important as the physical so doesn't forget to talk while having sex.

Stay in touch throughout the Day

In other words, flirt with her. Let her know that you desire her every time during the day. Think of it as getting the foreplay started early. Before leaving for work, wrap your arms around her and kiss her on her neck.

Let her know you love her. Give her a once over and tell her how blessed you are to have her. You should also send her text messages to let her know how sexy she is by your texts. Call her in the afternoon and let her know you have been thinking about her. If you want to have great sex at night, you need to start making your moves when you get up.

Touch her often

Touching her can warm her up. You can do this in some way whenever you are in her vicinity. When she is at the kitchen sink, then you can give her a ten-second neck massage. If you need her attention, then touch her hands. When opening a door for her, you can put your hand on her back as she passes through. These little touches are physical connection points that build faith and support vulnerability. It opens the door of physical affection and perhaps the willingness to explore more types. This can push you to your next point.

Work Out Together

Being healthy and in shape will make both of you feel better physically and make you feel more gorgeous. Above all, it will lift your spirits. When you are both in a positive mindset, it will become a lot easier to feel enthusiasm.

A body in action leans to stay in action. Get the blood moving by working out together and see what expands from there.

Plan It

Well, everyone wants to be spontaneous, but in a world of family and kids, it is not unromantic to get it on the calendar. Sex is like working out when we do it regularly we want to do it more.

Share your desire and hopes with each other: You need to talk frankly and share your sexual desires. Be honest about what you want. You do not want to use this time to be critical of your partner. Just affirm what you want in the bedroom and what makes you experience good. Talk with each another regarding your hopes concerning lovemaking. If your hopes are not being met by your partner, converse this diplomatically and sympathetically. 

Sex in a long-term relationship can expand and become a wealthier experience. Regardless of how many times you have made love to each other, the wonder and awe of communal attraction can still be there.

Stop Watching Porn

There are several people who argue that watching porn together can help a couple's sexual relationship. However, in most of the cases, it creates suspect at best when belief and connection are the most significant elements of great sex. How can you connect when you are looking at a screen rather than concentrating on each other? So, stop looking at porn and start looking at your wife.

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