The nasty truth about Gloryhole's

By Makena Keita

Are you a kinky guy who enjoys watching Gloryhole porn? Do you jerk off to Gloryhole videos at the comfort of your house? Well, every Tom, Dick, and Harry loves a good Gloryhole.

Which open-minded guy would not enjoy sticking out his rock-hard cock in a hole and have it sucked by a random sexy stranger on the other end?

More so, you pay before the services, shoot your load, and leave without the guilt of looking her/him in the eye. If you are wondering where live and real Gloryhole booths are found, you can get them in restrooms, adult bookstores, and adult video arcades.

Bras For The Bars - Belle Lingerie
Bras For The Bars - Belle Lingerie

Why do kinky guys and ladies prefer gloryholes?

Having sexual intercourse with a total stranger

The person on the other end is unknown to you. This ultimately increases the sexual tension and the thrilling stimulation that comes with banging a stranger.

Those wishing to cheat and don’t want to live with the guilt of remembering the person that they cheated on their ex with, this is the ideal way of finding that spice that they seek. It is better than jerking off to glory hole videos.

Satisfying the imagination of having sex with a person, you wouldn’t

Always wanted to have sex with that girl who lives next door but doesn’t have the balls to tell them? This is the ideal place for you.

The satisfaction as you cum in the girls or guys mouth, you can imagine it’s the person that you have longed to fuck.

Enjoy raunchy exhibitionism

The services offered in such places come in handy when you are horny. The best thing is that you can jerk off your cock or rub your clit in a booth as others watch.

If you enjoy showing off your naked body, this is the best place for you. Besides, you can record an amateur glory porn video of yourself

Exploring your sexuality and curiosity

If you have not yet come out of the closet, this is the perfect place to pay and be yourself. More so, if you enjoy bending over and being stuffed with a rock-hard cock in your ass buy a fellow dude, this is the best place for you.

You will get your prostate stimulated with the dick of your choice. The cock, on the other end, ensures that you cum and get to fulfil your wild desires and fantasies. You can also watch glory hole videos from sites that offer high-quality glory hole porn.

The Gloryhole view

Satisfying your sexual needs

If your significant other is not into oral sex and pegging, this is the best solution for both gents and females.

Some people consider fellatios and anal sex as taboo. The studs and babes on these booths enjoy their mouths stuffed with rock hard dicks.

More so, they enjoy swallowing every drop of jizz and none goes to waste. Just imagine enjoying a sloppy blowjob, getting your balls licked and worshipped till you cum in his or her mouth?

Satisfying your taboo desires

Besides, most of these booth owners take their time to ensure that all your wild thoughts and desires are highly met.

If you are also into voyeurism and you enjoy watching glory hole porn, you can enjoy a live session as you jerk off your hard cock.

Little Cock/ Body Weight confidence

Dudes with small cocks are generally embarrassed about their sexual performance. As a result, they are unable to satisfy women and also get minimum satisfaction.

Luckily, the service providers at the Gloryhole porn booths can adjust the hole themselves and reach out for that cock and make them feel like the greatest legends during sex.

In the same way, men who suffer from weight problems lack the confidence to satisfy women in bed. Glory hole porn would be ideal for such men in case they are not courageous enough to fuck in public.

No strings attached

You love fucking and don’t like the attachment that comes with the sex? Gloryhole is the best place. You will never get to know the service provider and they, in turn, will never get to meet you.

It’s a paid partnership that is anonymous, and it ends once that cumshot is over and done with. No texts, no calls, no feelings attached.

What can go wrong?

At times it is tedious looking for someone to pay for a blow job or sex

These sexual booths are always available, and there is no need to speculate if someone is possible or not.

Because there will always be somebody ready to blow your dick or fuck your ass. Also, you can enjoy some glory hole videos online if you don’t have the balls of fucking a stranger.

Disadvantages of a Gloryhole

  • Higher risks of acquiring AIDS and STIs – Gloryhole sex exposes one to different diseases. The central fact is because you do not have a clue about who you are fucking. These are strangers. It is always advisable to use condoms or mouth dams in case of oral sex to protect yourself from diseases.

  • Limited to a few sex positions – A Gloryhole can only accommodate oral sex or doggy style. If you are adventurous, kinky and you like trying out different sex positions, this is not the best place for you. More so, ladies cannot get oral sex. It is more suitable for men.

  • Might be uncomfortable for first-timers – Fucking someone doggy style through a hole might be uncomfortable for some. Especially if it is not among your kinks or fetishes. It might feel unpleasant for many

  • Minimal body contact – Some people like their nipples pinched or licked during sex. A Gloryhole has very minimal body contact. You can only access the man’s dick through the whole. Therefore, minimal role plays too.


The advantages of a glory hole are more compared to the disadvantages. For the kink lovers and people with a wild side, this will work for you.

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The nasty truth about Gloryhole’s

The nasty truth about Gloryhole’s

Are you a kinky guy who enjoys watching Gloryhole porn? Do you jerk off to Gloryhole videos at the comfort of your house
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