Here is some suggestions for new places to have sex on!

By Tuva Novar

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Sex at the living room couch

Your living room couch

If you’re both in the living room watching a movie and you feel like you want to get a handle with each other, you actually don’t need to go into the room before you get your freak on. You might have covered it before, but the living room actually provides comfy couches that help support some excellent sexual positions as well. 

It might feel like a bed, but the fun of this location is undeniable. 

The kitchen table

Remember those movies where couples have wed in the kitchen? Well, you could do just that as well. Stage your own make out (or sex) session while in the kitchen, with your table serving as the perfect base.

If you want the experience to be even better, you could try some dirty talks don role-playing as well.

Couple sex in the stairs

Your stairway

If you have a stairway in your house, then this is another perfect sex location that you ought to give a try. You might not know it, but this is much more fun to have sex on than you realize.

If you doubt, try getting on all fours and holding the doggy style position while holding on to the stairs. You will find that kneeling on the steps is much straightforward, and your man can also penetrate your vagina easily. Also, the stairway is excellent for stimulation, and a perfect location for people who will like to try something new. 

Couple sex front mirror

In front of a mirror

If you want a bit of the conventional, you could try the closet, bathroom, or anywhere else that has a mirror. The ability to watch yourselves while you have sex is surprisingly stimulating, and it can bring you to a level of pleasure that you never experienced before.

Also, a mirror can help you easily fit into some other complicated sex positions that you always wanted to give a try. As long as you make seductive faces at East other, you will be fine.

Couple sex front of a door

Up against your front door

There is nothing that helped to stimulate the excitement of sex than the risk of being caught by someone. This is why having sex against your front door is a great way to have sex if you’re any to venture into deeper levels of naughtiness.

The simple thought of someone walking in while you get busy will make things way hotter between you two. Just leave the door unlocked.

Bathtub or shower

Water might be a poor choice of a lubricant, but the classic shower and bathtub sex is still high.

As long as you bring your own lubricant and you get some candles and steam, this location never does any wrong.

You can completely redefine what your bathroom looks and feels like this way.

Couple have sex in bed

Someone else’s room

If you live with someone else and you want to make things even riskier, have sex in their room while they’re out.

The entire thrill of being somewhere you shouldn’t be is indescribable. Still, you need to ensure that you don’t disturb anyone while in the act.

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